Thursday, February 3, 2011

Gotta love freebies...

I just added a new blog layout from LeeLouBlogs  and it was FREE! You can change it for each season, but I just picked one that was kinda cute :) Anyway, what's up with me? Beside managing life with the kiddos, I am in week 4 of the Soul Restoration/Brave Girl class. This weeks project is fun, and very thought provoking. Getting us to the truth of our lives...good stuff. Jessica is still waiting on letters from a few Ballet programs for Summer. It looks like it'll be the Boston area or Los Angeles for her this year (staying at Pepperdine, I think she'll survive!) Erica is celebrating her 100th day of school today, and is feeling much better. It's amazing to me how quickly she bounces back. Her and Bill are attending a Sweetheart Ball this weekend with Indian Princesses, and she is super excited about it. New dress, new shoes, Sissy is doing her fun! I will be sure to post photos.

Oh, and if you see me less on FB lately, I am going to do more of my updates, etc on here, since I can still link it to FB, and I can have this made into a blog album at the end of the year! Very cool, huh? Is it okay to be 40+ and say Cool? I think so!
Happy 100 Day~ M

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  1. Hey Lucy just wanted to let you know I'm reading :) I love reading your stuff--you're so creative!