Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Art Journaling...

I started my journal five weeks ago, when I started the Soul Restoration class. I had no idea how valuable this process of journaling would be, or how much I would enjoy the art I would create inside to go along with it. I've painted, stenciled, glazed, sanded, wrinkled, and inked the pages that are inside. The other pages are filled with words. Thousands of words, written from my heart, about the happiness, the sadness, the past, the future, and every thing in between. Melody Ross, our teacher/mentor has a way of writing a journaling prompt that gets your mind and creativity in sync, and get the most out of your journaling. Because I am such an artsy girl, I always want to do the art stuff first. So I made myself a deal...if I do a journaling prompt, then I can do an art page. Deal? Deal! Stay tuned for some photos of my journaling art/therapy...it sure has been good for my soul.

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