Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Canvas, paint and textures...oh my!

So my first ever mixed media art class started yesterday, and since it is online, we watch the video when we have time. The best time for me, is when the kids are at school. I can watch it, take notes, and really pay attention. I enjoyed several hours of that yesterday, but then the rest of the day, all I could think about was ART! Art, and ART! My mind was like a lovesick girl, except I was dreaming of new art products I was introduced to earlier that day! I can tell that I am going to love this style. It's an eclectic, let go, do it how you want kind of art. There are no major rules, no mistakes, "make it work" kind of style! I learned all about textures, layering, India inks, wax pastels, spray inks, gesso, modeling paste, and all kinds of technique on how to use many of these items. Ordering online is the best way to get many of these art supplies, so Mr. UPS and I are going to become fast friends! (shhh...we already are...) So, if you have not heard from me in awhile you know where to find me...in the ArT LoFt upstairs...

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