Wednesday, February 23, 2011

What I like Wednesday...

Whew...I just made it! I am going to start this Wednesday thingy with a few of my weekly picks. I challenge all my blogging buddies to do the same, then we can share our favorites!
1. Lisa Leonard Jewelry  I own several necklaces similar to these, but I must say, one of these will be on my next wishlist! :)
2. This class GOT PAINT? starts tomorrow, and I am taking it! It is taught by Emily Falconbridge, so it will be "thinking out of the box" good! She rocks! (Oh, and the other classes on Big Picture Scrapbooking are all great too. I've taken several over the years)
3. Old Navy is my one of my favs this week, for the silliest reason. As some of you know, clothing is a bad word for Erica. She loves, loves clothes, but with sensory issues, it isn't the easiest to find comfy things she likes and are "her style". Yes, at seven, she has a style. (I would call it, "Wanna dress like a big girl, but still wears little girl sizes" style!) We found quite a few cute things for her at their kids sale! When I find something she loves, we usually buy it in every color! :)

So...there's my first What I like Wednesday...stay tuned...

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