Saturday, January 29, 2011

Week 3...repost from my old blog

So the laundry is piling up, the kids are starving, but my art is looking FABulous! (just kidding...) I decided to go ahead and leave the scraploft upstairs after all. The daunting task of moving two project desks downstairs was just too much for our 40+ year old backs. Silly thing is...I have always sat with the window behind me. I switched to the other side and it feels like a completely different room! A view, some great sunlight, and I am inspired to CREATE! I have been working on all my Soul Restoration projects.(6 week class) Each week we are assigned art projects, as well as journaling prompts that coincide with them. Good stuff, I mean really good, get into the heart of it, trudge through the mud of your past, but come out smiling on the other side stuff.  Quite honestly, week one I thought...What the heck was I thinking? This is going to be so hard, and uncomfortable. And I signed up for this?? Week 2: Read the assignment, look at the projects, and think...I can do this, no problem. It was much, much harder than I thought, some tears were shed, and I got through it! The project was a look at your story, your timeline. What has made you, well, you! Week 3: We are now moving beyond our past and into the now. The now is looking really good for me. This weeks project was simple, so I am spending a lot of time journaling, and then art in my journal. My little 99 cent composition book from Rite Aid is really turning into a treasure. I'd love to share it, but it's kinda private, sort of like a diary. I will share some of my art from it, when I get a chance.  Happy Weekend, oh, and BE BRAVE...

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