Thursday, April 14, 2011

Birthday Girl Party Themes...

I've had two friends, in the past few weeks ask me to suggest birthday ideas for their daughters, which made me think of all the girls birthday parties I have planned/executed for my daughters...holy moly, it's a lot of parties...I thought of quite a few ideas, a few of which I have done myself. Here is what I came up with, that's if I remember correctly!

1 Bear
2 Winnie the Pooh
3 Cinderella
4 Minnie Mouse
5 Madeline
6 Tea Party
7 Hello Kitty
8 American Girl
9 Coconut from American Girl
10 Lizzie McGuire Sleepover
11 50's Sock Hop
12 Mall Scavenger Hunt/Pizza
13 Scrapbooking Day
14 Beach Photo Shoot/Dinner
15 Dinner and a Movie Night/Sleepover
16 Sweet 16 Hollywood VIP

And for Erica...
1 Busy Bee
2 Elmo
3 Jojo's Circus
4 Ballerina
5 Disney
6  Princesses
7 Tinkerbell
and it continues...

In addition to those, I've had two girls tea parties during Easter time, a Valentines Day party, a Halloween Party, as well as quite a few Adult parties. Yes, I actually do plan something for adults once in awhile. Oh how I love a party! I always love a reason to celebrate! I'm feeling like we need to have a pony party sometime, since we've never done that. Maybe another book themed party too. Hmmm...wonder what I can come up with next? Stay tuned...

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